Their body is segmented mainly into 3 parts. They have 6 legs and they can lift weights that are 10 times heavier than their own body. Ants do not breathe like humans. They get oxygen through small holes all over their whole body. Ants use mandibles to grab and even to cut and bite food.

Negative Impacts

You leave food outside because ants can quickly sense the presence of food and try to destroy it. Some ant species are attracted to wood and they will destroy furniture at home. Whereas some leave stings in the human body. The symptoms of these stings will vary from person to person.

How to Get Rid of Them

Remember to store your food properly in an airtight container. Sweep up any food leftovers on the floor as soon as possible to prevent ants. All the entrances to ants like damaged windows, cracked walls should be repaired. However, it is wise to use the help of professionals.

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