Coleoptera, the scientific name for the beetle is of many types which is more than 400,000 species. Powder post beetle, varied carpet beetle, and merchant grain beetle are some examples of beetle species. The beetle is composed of 3 segments and has 6 legs. And also it has antennae that can easily detect motion, odor, and chemical substances. Usually, it has wings with a hard shell-like structure.

Negative Impacts

Some beetles are biting and it will cause severe pain, sometimes leaving blisters on human skin. But fortunately, beetles are not that harmful. Some beetle varieties are damaging the bark layer of the tree.

How to Get Rid of Them

You can get rid of them by using insecticide treatments, freezing, or mechanical removal. If your plants are infested by beetles, then isolate that plant from the other plants. In any case, if the situation is bad, use the help of some professionals.

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