Cockroaches are rather small irritating types of pests that grow in large numbers. Some have the ability to fly, they are extremely fast on the ground. They are mainly dark brown in color and have long antennae. Fascinatingly they are able to survive without food for one month and without water for two weeks hence they are quite hard to eliminate this pest.

Negative Impacts

The main negative impact of cockroaches is that they are vectors of many microbial diseases. They carry a whopping 33 different kinds of bacteria, not to mention multiple other pathogens. Additionally, cockroaches can aggravate your allergies, and some people are actually allergic to cockroaches themselves. Aside from all of these biological factors, cockroaches can also cause long-term damage to your home especially if they let you grow without control.

How to Get Rid of Them

The main prevention method of cockroaches is to keep the indoors clean, remove all food scraps, spilled food, and move the garbage out. The main natural repellents used against cockroaches are lemongrass, lime, and the other citrus-containing serums.

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