Fumigation is a process of pest control which uses pesticides or fumigant chemicals in gaseous form to exterminate the pests within an enclosed space. Fumigation services are mainly required in buildings, soil, grains, and in export or import of goods in order to prevent the transfer of exotic pests into a country. It is mandatory for the fumigation service providers to hold certification to perform fumigation services as the chemicals used in the process are toxic and dangerous. 

In today’s export market the most common commodities that are highly susceptible to infestation during the storage and transit process are; commodities of grains, oil seeds, pulses, spices, tobacco, textile, timber. Besides the substantial damage caused to the cargo, infestation can tarnish the reputation of the seller, which could cause irreversible impacts. When it comes to exports, many countries impose strict quarantine and regulatory requirements to ensure pest free shipments.The most effective method to eradicate pests is through fumigation, as it is lethal to all stages of insect development. Not only does fumigation kill the live infestation but it also prevents infestation from offsprings. 

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