Why Control?

Despite the fact that cockroaches cause no auxiliary harm, they are fit for causing huge medical issues in the family. Cockroaches are known to spoil staple, kitchen utensils with their excreta and salivary emissions causing bacterial tainting which result in food contamination, looseness of the bowels or diarrheoa and furthermore a wellspring of allergens which can prompt unfavorably susceptible ailments, for example, Dermatitis, Rhinitis, Bronchitis and Asthma; and consequently should be adequately controlled.


Ceylon Pest Control Solutions

It is imperative to make a complete review before control measures are started. Ceylon Pest Control at present offers many front line arrangements incorporating medicines with bug sprays and strategies including the utilization of surface showers and/or insecticidal snares. In view of the cockroach species, control strategies can likewise fluctuate.


We offer an extensive scope of viable cockroach control strategies:
  • Residual Spraying
  • Gel Applications
  • Fogging for gullies
  • ULV Treatment


Why Control?

Ants are a greater amount of an aggravation than a risk and can cause overpowering invasions. Because of their dynamic nourishment and safe house chase, they can attack each niche and corner of your home or office space, representing a risk to the security of sustenance and effect living conditions.

Ceylon Pest Control Solutions

A basic examination is completed as an underlying advance to decide the degree of invasion and insect species. On fruition of this assessment, the Pest Control Inspectors will make a suitable suggestion on the best control arrangements which incorporate lures, showers and propelled substance medications.


Why Control?

House flies are real bearers of illness. They are known to move more than 100 pathogens that can cause illnesses like Typhoid, Cholera, and host different sicknesses as well.

Flies have a productive rearing propensity and higher portability. Control measures are planned for pulverizing their life-cycle by either controlling hatchlings or the malady transporter. Henceforth it is required to keep up a sterile situation to stay away from potential rearing locales.

Ceylon Pest Control Solutions

Ceylon Pest Control Division as of now offers a scope of viable fly control arrangements relying upon the level of fly disease. These measures incorporate the use of larvicides, surface and space splashes and bug spray goads.

Why Control?

Although bedbugs are not dangerous, the pathogens in its body can cause skin contaminations and sensitivities, bringing about critical degrees of pain among people as they are a risk to a solid and agreeable way of life.

Control Measures

So as to annihilate an invasion of kissing bugs, it is obligatory to treat the compromised territories altogether with reasonable bug sprays. It is basic that you get counsel from a Bug Control Master in a kissing bug circumstance and talk about how to maintain a strategic distance from comparative circumstances later on. Our master group is completely equipped for disposing of kissing bugs with the utilization of a development treatment innovation like the Warm Remediation.

Why control?

Rodents are considered as hazardous family unit irritations and it must be controlled promptly to evade medical issues. There are 35 sicknesses which have been distinguished universally that are spread by rodents. These ailments spread straightforwardly through their dung, pee or salivation, or through their nibbles and by implication by ticks, bugs or bugs that have benefited from tainted rodents. Consequently, it is critical that our homes and workplaces are kept free from rodents.

Control Measures

It is far-fetched that we really observe rodents or mice around us, however, we are unquestionably ready to observe the follows they leave; gaps, runs, spreads and indications of harms. Rat sealing is the best strategy to keep rodents from going into houses or structures, albeit in specific situations, it is hard to close the whole structure of a structure.

Ceylon Pest Control Solutions

Ceylon Pest Ccontrol offers sound counsel and answers for most kinds of rat issues utilizing successful Rat Draw Applications that will give alleviation in rat invasions.

Why Control?

Mosquitoes represent a genuine risk to general wellbeing. Aside from the bothering they cause in our everyday lives, they are in charge of transmitting destructive sicknesses, for example, Jungle fever, Dengue fever, Yellow Fever, Filariasis, and different illnesses; henceforth it must be viably controlled as it is for all intents and purposes difficult to dispose of mosquitoes from tropical nations like Sri Lanka.

 Ceylon Pest Control Solutions

The best control measure for mosquitoes is to constrain their territory on your property and surroundings by utilizing the fitting mosquito control hindrances.
Ceylon Pest Comtrol Division offers a wide scope of mosquito control procedures that incorporate both hatchlings and grown-up mosquito control, which successfully destroys them through strategies, for example, hazing, fog blowing and leftover compound showering.

Ceylon Pest Control has  customized cages to trap the animal as there is no other option to capture them. Our expert technicians would visit the site and place the cages according to their preferred path. Also, we advice the clients to purchase the cages so they could use it in the future too. Our technicians will advice the client in setting up the traps in case they have to reuse them.

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