Moths are of different types with totally different appearances. Some moths cannot be identified because of their unique appearance. Generally, a moth looks like a butterfly and it has wings. They lay numerous eggs that hatched into caterpillars. Most of the moths are short-lived, which the lifespan is limited to a few days whereas the others are living for years.

Negative Impacts

Some of the moths are poisonous to humans. Moth caterpillars are survived on plant leaves thereby, it will hinder the growth of the plant. This is a huge disadvantage to the farmers. Some of the moth caterpillars make holes in clothes as they survive by eating fabric.

How to Get Rid of Them

You can use vinegar to get rid of moths in your home. If there is any sign of moths in your clothes then freeze them at least for 24hrs or else wash them off by using hot water. Clean your house frequently to avoid the development of larvae or eggs. Sometimes these methods aren’t enough to get rid of moths. In that case, use the help of some professionals.

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