Rats are identified as rodents that feed on any food item. The most common species are black and brown rats. In addition, there are many more species of tan, gray, and white, with both lighter and darker shades as well. They normally are about 9 inches long without considering the length of the tail. The males are usually bigger than the females.

Negative Impacts

The main and the most concerning negative impact of rats is that they transmit diseases to humans.. They can transmit disease if they bite or scratch humans and also by leaving their droppings and urine around the home. Humans can also get sick when rats contaminate their food or run across countertops where food is later prepared.In addition to health issues rats are known to cause structural damages. They bite on plastic and wood, leaving huge gaps in walls and planks of flooring. You can really observe teeth marks on objects that rodents have bitten on.

How to Get Rid of Them

So as to stay away from hantavirus and other potential infections brought about by rats and to limit the basic harms brought about by them you should find a way to remove rats from your home. Always make sure to remove all food scraps and keep all dark hiding areas clear. Rat traps may all be used to catch rats and also liquids such as ammonia cause instant death of rats.

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