The most common rodent species are rats and mice. Their bodies are covered with black or brown hair and have a lighter color under their belly. They have pointed or blunt noses and also they have a tail. They live under a variety of places like wooded areas, fields, tall grasses, woodpiles, and gardens.

Negative Impacts

They are capable of spreading more than 30 diseases through their saliva, excrement, and urine. Some people are allergic to their excrement and to their shed fur. They will bring diseases making parasites like mites and ticks to the houses. And also they have a chewing habit which leads to many damages for houses.

How to Get Rid of Them

Cut overgrown grass against your house wall and trim tree branches from your roofline. Close or repair cracks on the walls which will pave a path to enter into houses. Locking the outside trash bins and eliminating other ways to access the food inside the house. Keep your gutters clean and repair all the leaking pipes. If they are already spread inside the house, hire some professionals to get rid of them.

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