Ticks are small pests that have an ovoid or pear-shaped body with mainly three segments, the last segment gets enlarged when filled with blood that they feed on which makes these pests quite vicious as they use blood as their source of food.

Negative Impacts

As ticks suck blood from animals these pests have the ability to transmit diseases, the symptoms such as fever or more serious ones such as paralysis may be caused. Ticks mostly become a major nuisance to dogs as they cause Lyme disease in them that make joints swell bringing a lot of pain

How to Get Rid of Them

To remove ticks already in the body use a pair of tweezers to grab the tick as close as possible to the skin surface and pull up make sure not to twist or jerk, this can cause the mouthparts to break and remain in the skin. Washing your clothes with hot water can remove any ticks that clung to your clothes. To kill ticks found in your yard use a pesticide having boric acid in it and spray the mixture.

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