Weevils are insects, known for their extended snouts Many are slender or oval-shaped insects. They are usually dark-colored. They are generally little under 6 mm long, and herbivorous.  The most distinctive feature of weevils is the shape of their head. An adult weevil has an elongated head that forms a snout. The mouth is at the end of the snout. Some weevils have a snout that is as long as the body

Negative Impacts

Outside, weevils can destroy garden plants. Inside, they are to a greater degree an irritation than a threat. Weevils taint pervaded food with their defecation and cast skins, causing more harm than they eat. Thus, an invasion may render whole packages or pantries of food inedible.

How to Get Rid of Them

The most significant control techniques are to discover the invaded material and remove it. Be cautious when purchasing dry food items, check for any damages in packages that can prevent future invasions. A vacuum cleaner is a quick method to expel weevils from the walls and furniture. Make certain to take the vacuum outside to empty it so the weevils don’t reinfest the home.

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